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150W Co2 Laser Power Supply for Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine MYJG-150W LED

CO2 laser power supply widely used in laser processing for example, cutting, drilling,sculpture, engraving etc and laser systems.
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150W Co2 Laser Power Supply for CO2 Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine MYJG-150W LED

Product Features:

1. Good compatibility: it can be applicable to 130-150W laser tube manufactured by various factories
2. Quick response speed and effect,high performance,large cutting power,it also can prolong laser tube service life.
3. Easy control: the start and stop of laser can be easily controlled by TTL level.
4. The power supply has output open circuit protection.
5. The power supply has TTL signal indication, water through signal indication and laser output indication.
6. This power supply has the Button to test output laser manually.
7. Application: Sculpture and cut acrylic,fabric,double color sheet and rubber etc.
8. LED display:Indication its signal instructions and current instructions, which helps the user with fault diagnosis.

Main Technical Parameters:
Name 150W
AC input voltage AC220V or AC110V(please specify, when order)
AC input frequency 47~440Hz
Maximum voltage output 34KV
Maximum current 38mA
Power size(mm) 350*161*91
Weight(kgs) 3.6
Efficiency 91%
Over current protection 130% of maximum current
Open circuit protection Yes (short time)
Structure Fan cooling
High level control voltage range ≥3V
Low level control voltage range ≤0.8V
Operating temperature -30℃~+65℃
Relative humidity 20~85%RH(non condensing)
Withstand voltage Input—output AC1500V1 min ≤10mA
Input—shell AC1500V1 min ≤10mA
Output—shell Connection
Insulation resistance ≥50MΩ(DC500V)
Earth leakage current ≤1mA(AC220V)≤0.5 mA(AC110V)
Vibration resistance Amplitude 0.5mm frequency 10~55Hz three-dimensional direction 2h
Fault-free time MTBF ≥30,000hours
60ºC high temperature test time on full load 12 hours
7s power on/off test 500 times

Instructions of Laser Power Supply

(1) Connection of laser tube
The high voltage (HV+) of the laser power supply shall be connected to the anode (full reflection terminal) of CO2 laser tube. The current circuit of the laser power supply is connected to the cathode (laser output terminal) of CO2 laser tube through an ammeter (or directly).
(2) Connection of control signal
Referring to following information, control signal shall be reliably connected to control terminal of the power supply.
(3) Input of control signal
Referring to the following information, after connecting the DAC output signal and TTL signal of external computer with the power supply, the laser tube shall work as expected.
(4) Voltage
Generally, power input of the power supply shall be 220VAC/50Hz. If 110VAC is needed, please specify when placing order.
(5) Auxiliary function
A group of protection switches are reserved for detection of cooling water, open enclosure protection and so on.


1. The laser tubes shall be cooled by water during working.
2. HV output terminal shall not adopt open circuit! (HV output terminals shall be properly connected to the anode and cathode of the laser tube)
3. Discharge resistance has been equipped inside the power supply and the residual voltage will be fully discharged 2s later after power off. Attentions should be given to avoid any electric shock! (Both output terminals of the high voltage shall ensure the isolation safety of the overhead 40KV.)
4. Three-pole socket with earthing contacts shall be used to laser power supply. The enclosure should be well grounded to avoid electric shock.

Connection Between Laser Tube and Power Supply:

Pin Definition:

Terminal Definition:
1 2 3 4 5 6

Terminal Definition as Follow:
TH Input Signal Switch Light Control,High Level(>=3V)-Bright dipping,Low Level(<=0.3V)-No Light Dipping
TL Input Signal Switch Light Control.High Level-No light Dipping,Low Level(<=0.3V)-Bright Dipping
WP*1 Input Signal Switch Light Control,High Level(>=3V)- No light Dipping,Low Level(<=0.3V)-Bright Dipping
G Signal Ground The foot must connected with laser machine's enclosure and ground properly.
IN*2 Input Signal Laser Power supply control terminal can use 0-5V Analog Signal Control,also can use 5V PWM Signal to Control
5V Output Power 5V,Max output Current 20mA

Connection Between Laser Power Supply and Controller:
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