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Ruida RDC6442G Co2 Laser DSP Controller for Laser Engraving Cutting Machine RDC6442 6442G 6442S

Ruida RDC6442G Co2 Laser DSP Controller for Laser Engraving Cutting Machine RDC6442 6442G 6442S
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    RDC6442G RDC6442S
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RDC6442G/S system is the lastest laser engraving & cutting control system developed by Ruida Technology, this control system has better stable hardware with antistatic, resistance to high pressure. Based on 3.5-inch colorfull screen human-machine operation sysytem, with better operation interface and stronger functions, exellent motion control functions, high-capacity file memory, with strong compatible 2-way independent adjustable laser power control interface, strong comopatible U disk drive program, multiple ways gerneral/dedicated IO control.
1.Digital laser control signals:
(1) TTL level output, 50 mA,drive capability(can set enable signal polarity in software)
(2) PWM frequency 2K-50K for adjustable
(3) PWM duty ratio is 1% ~ 99%, adjustable
(4) PWM value is up to 5.0 V
2.Motor control signal:common-anode output, drive capability 20 mA
   Motor control pulse frequency: Max.500KHZ
3.USB: Max. transmission rate 12M bps; The longest distance is 5 meters.
4.Network:Max. transmission rate is100M; Max. transmission distance is 200M.
5.Interpolation:Linear/circular arc/B spline, accuracy + / - 0.5 pulse
6.Output: 4-channel, photoelectric isolated OC gate output, the max. drive capability 500mA drive capability
(with follow-current protection)
7.Input:4-channel, photoelectric isolated input, compatible with 5V/ 12V / 24V logic level

Connection Diagram:

RDWorks V8 Software:

1.Old Laser Control System Upgrade:
Refresh your co2 laser cutter /co2 laser engraver from slow and old controller.
Match all settings in your co2 laser machine. Can 100% perfect work with all Co2 laser cutting system from China. 
2.Co2 Laser Cutter Dsp Control System Maintenance and Replacement:
Broken old controller away and test a new high speed perfect cutting and engraving effects.
Don't need to wait a long term repair. Take a little time to restart your program.
3.DIY Laser CNC Cutter:Laser Cutter Controller, especially for homemade laser cutter, hobby diy laser cutter and Portable 
Laser Cutter. Cutting effects will never disappoint you.
Also you may need co2 laser cut kit, laser tube and more spare parts in our online store.
4.DIY Laser cnc engraver:
Co2 Laser Engraver Controller, especially for household laser engraver, self-made diy laser engraver and Mini Laser Engraver. High speed is the best point for engraving.
Smaller hobby laser engraver with this controller can work in a 400-600 speed.

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